Final Reflection on Course


This CALL course has been invaluable to me. I have learned how to be a better teacher in many different technological ways. Even though I have studied for years, this course has increased my confidence considerably.

     I feel that the websites and applications were well chosen for this course. I enjoyed them. I feel that I understood the lectures.

     I feel that I have a good understanding of the basic tenets of Second Language Acquisition.I want to speak for all the classes I have studied so far. This education has allowed me to develop a stronger teaching philosophy based on the findings of major research in the field today. Through reading research and posting my reflections on this course, it has allowed me to develop and organize my thoughts on these theories. This posting has also helped to create a community among the students in the class.

     Through the teaching assignments, I have learned what to do and what not to do with my teaching. My first teaching in class went very well and my second teaching in class went poorly. With the help of my teacher’s guidance, I have learned the reasons for the outcomes of both teaching assignments.

In short, I learned a lot from this course and I enjoyed it thanks to teacher and I am sad that this class has come to an end but I am very thankful for this experience and I look forward to using what I have learned in this class within my career as a language teacher.





Second Life and Weebly !

This week we met “Second Life” . It is a social website. Second Life is a 3D world where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you. And the teacher talked about creating website. Last year we did a website in another class it was a bit hard experience for me. But there is an easy way to create a new website. It is www. and we can easily have a website.



   This week we have learned that Podcasting is a wonderful way of allowing children to share their work and experiences with a potentially huge audience over the Internet. And, we talked about  some websites such as, Schools are increasingly using the internet to promote what they do, and to celebrate the achievements of their children, and podcasting is an excellent way of doing this.

A podcast is like a radio show. However, instead of being broadcast live, a podcast is recorded and then distributed over the internet, so that you can listen to it whenever you please. There are thousands of podcasts available, ranging from general interest entertainment shows to those which focus on specific topics (e.g. computers / music / education).

Movie maker and Story-jumper


This week’s topic was moviemaker !Last year we learned how to use movie maker. With Windows Movie Maker, we can bring together video, audio, and other multimedia content, then we can arrange and edit the content to create a finished movie. After creating the movie, we can save it. the best part of it we have a great task related to Movie Maker. I like working on Movie Maker.

The other topic of this week  was Story-jumper. We can create online story books using Story-jumper. In addition to this, we can explore the books which created by people before. there are many useful and enjoyable book in the Story-jumper. 


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Education in online classrooms…


Hello again! This week, we  have learned two online classroom sites. One of them is and the other one is  After I have learned about these two sites I realized that the education doesn’t  occurs just in classroom environment and we can learn anything by using these useful documents. These two sites are free discussion forums which can be used by all educators. Also, they are public classroom forums for creating, discussing and reflecting on ideas.They are really good for shy students who are reluctant to speak  in class. Thanks to these useful websites they feel very comfortable when they write their opinions and replying to other students. Also, students can learn from each others’ writing. These two sites are really helpful both for students and teachers. You can follow any class you want and you can learn just using these sites. You do not have to hesitate to write anything. All students always feel comfortably. 

I hope that education websites like these will help us in each problem we have.

Thinking beyond the zoom :)


This week we have learned to make a great prezi, we can operate in the same way. Imitation is not stealing, it’s just the first steps towards analyzing, restructuring, and developing ideas. If you want, you can share your prezis and your ideas, allowing others to develop them further.

Prezi was created with a strong desire to be different, we were bored with linear presentations, and so seems to make sense that when the world wanted something different from the traditional format, some people turned to Prezi. Fortunately, it seems we teachers like this innovation too, especially as creativity is now a massive asset to success.